Erectile Dysfunction

It’s true that as men get older, sexual function is likely to decrease and erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes more common. But simply getting older by itself does not lead to ED, nor is ED just a natural part of aging that men have to accept.

ED affects men of all ages. It’s a real medical condition that affects more than 30 million men in the United States, both young and old. If ED is a problem for you, it can be addressed, no matter your age.

More often than not, ED is caused by other health problems, such as heart disease or diabetes, which are also more common as a man gets older. So in addition to being a problem that can affect your sexual relationship, ED may also be a sign of other health conditions that your doctor should know about.

Causes of ED:

factors that can lead to ED :

High blood pressure (also called hypertension)
High blood pressure can damage blood vessels throughout the body, including those in the penis.

Diabetes (high blood sugar)
Diabetes can increase the chances of having ED. Over time, high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and nerves in the penis.

High blood cholesterol
Over time, high blood cholesterol can cause blood vessels throughout the body, including those in the penis, to narrow. If this happens, then not enough blood flows into the penis for a firm erection.

Low hormone levels
Low levels of male hormone (testosterone) may affect a man’s ability to get an erection. ED can also happen when a man’s thyroid hormone level is too high or too low.

Lifestyle factors
Smoking, being overweight, drinking too much alcohol, not being physically active, or using recreational drugs can cause ED.

Effects of ED

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Whether the cause of ED is physiological or psychological, both the patient and his partner often experience a range of intense feelings and emotions. Any of these feelings can lead to a sense of hopelessness and lower self-esteem.Of course, feelings of sexual insecurity can reinforce any performance anxiety a man experiences and create a vicious cycle of repeated failures and increasingly negative feelings.

ED and Self Esteem

Because sexual performance is often a big part of a man’s self-esteem, experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) can be devastating not only to a man’s sex life, but to his entire sense of being. Men with ED can become uncertain of themselves and avoid intimate situations with their partners; this only increases the pressure and anxiety associated with a condition which is often treatable.

ED and Sexual Partners

Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing to discuss not only with a health care provider but with also with a partner.
It often causes men to withdraw from those who care about them, which puts a serious strain on relationships.

Partners of men with ED feel that initiating a discussion regarding the situation will cause embarrassment and humiliation.
They also may develop a sense of inadequacy, thinking the cause of ED is their fault and that they are no longer physically attractive to their partner. The first step to treatment, however, is trust and a willingness on the part of both partners to discuss the situation with each other, and with a physician.

Treatment of ED

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Nonsurgical Treatment


Sex Therapy & ED

A significant number of men develop impotence from psychological causes that can be overcome. When a physiological cause is treated, subsequent self-esteem problems may continue to impair normal function and performance. Qualified therapists (e.g., sex counselors, psychotherapists) work with couples to reduce tension, improve sexual communication, and create realistic expectations for sex, all of which can improve erectile function. Psychological therapy may be effective in conjunction with medical or surgical treatment. Sex therapists emphasize the need for men and their partners to be motivated and willing to adapt to psychological and behavioral modifications, including those that result from medical or surgical treatment.

Target Bullet® to treat ED

Oral medication is the most commonly used method in the treatment of ED. Target Bullet® being a natural product improves erection by inhibiting the cAMP phosphodiesterase. Target Bullet® increases blood flow to the penis.

Direction of use

It is used after taking a meal according to the case, one (1) capsule for every 3 to 6 days and the result appears within 8 hours after usage.

Cynomorium Songaricum

Cynomorium is known in Chinese as SuoYang, which is based on the herb’s medicinal effects, “locking the yang.” This traditional Chinese medicine regards Cynomorium as mild yet a very powerful herb.Cynomorium is therapeutic in sexual enhancement; ancient people have used it for thousands of years by understanding the benefits that provided these people with sexual enhancement, great vitality and endurance in sex life. It strengthens all sexual functions when used over a period of time.

The primary function of this herb includes treatment for impotence in men and lack of libido in women due to deficiency of Kidney Yang energy. Cynomorium is a superb rejuvenating herb. This rejuvenating herb helps to strengthen the back, legs and skeleton, and weakness of the tendons due to kidney deficiency.

It tonics the kidney, fortifies reproductive organs, nourishes the blood to alleviate blood deficiency type of constipation typically occurring when getting old. It also strengthens the sinews, moisturizes the intestines and relaxes bowels, and strengthens all bodily functions from the waist down.

A recent medical research has reported that, Cynomorium stimulate cell regeneration, enhances human metabolism, boost of immune system, and provides anti-oxidants for cancer prevention. Interestingly, it also adds essences to anti-aging. Currently, Cynomorium was used to treat prostatic hypertrophy and hyperplasia treatment, leukemia, diabetes, asthma, and the finding goes on.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a remarkable herb that has a wide and varied history of uses. It is thought to strengthen the nervous system, fight depression, enhance immunity, elevate the capacity for exercise, enhance memory, aid weight reduction, increase sexual function and improve energy levels.It has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural plant substances that increase the body’s non-specific resistance and normalise the functions of the body.

Also, adaptogens significantly accelerate the recovery process after illness.Rhodiola , however is more powerful and may be the best adaptogenic herb available. Research by Russians, began in 1931 when it was found to increase sexual potency. In a test of 35 subjects with weak erections and/or premature ejaculations, 50 mg per day was found to provide substantial improvement in 26 of the 35. The levels of 17- Ketosteroids in seminal fluid showed an increase in the production of sex hormones.

Benefits of Rhodeola Rosea


Rhodiola rosea has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural plant substances that increase the body’s non-specific resistance and normalise the functions of the body. When a stressful situation occurs, consuming adaptogens generates a degree of generalised adaptation (or non-specific resistance) that allows our physiology to handle the stressful situation in a more resourceful manner. It is believed that adaptogens work by increasing the ability of cells to manufacture and use cell fuel more efficiently.

Since Rhodiola rosea administration appears to impact central monoamine levels, it might also provide benefits and be the adaptogen of choice in clinical conditions characterised by an imbalance of central nervous system monoamines. This is consistent with Russian claims for improvements in depression and schizophrenia. It also suggests that research in areas such as seasonal affective disorder, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, among others, is warranted.

Muscle Recovery

Rhodiola rosea has been shown to shorten recovery time after prolonged workouts, to increase attention span, memory, strength, and anti-toxic action. Rhodiola rosea extract increases the level of enzymes, RNA, and proteins important to muscle recovery after exhaustive exercise. It also stimulates muscle energy status; glycogen synthesis in muscles and liver; muscle protein synthesis and anabolic activity.


Studies using proofreading tests have demonstrated that Rhodiola rosea enhances memorisation and concentration ability over prolonged periods. It increases the bioelectrical activity of the brain, which improves memory and brain energy.

Cardiac Problems

Rhodiola has also been shown to be effective for cardiac problems caused or aggravated by stress. Its action for these conditions is in its ability to decrease the amount of catecholamines and corticosteroids released by the adrenal glands during stress. The abnormal presence of these stress hormones will subsequently raise blood pressure, cholesterol and potassium levels and increase risk factors for heart disease. Rhodiola has been found to decrease harmful blood lipids and thus decrease the risk of heart disease. It also decreases the amount of cyclic-AMP (c-AMP) released into cardiac cells. Cyclic AMP is related to ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the body’s primary energy molecule. C-AMP acts as a ‘second messenger’ or liaison between the outer and inner environments of the cell. It assists in the uptake of more intracellular calcium into the heart thus promoting a greater potential for heart muscle contraction. Rhodiola thus regulates the heartbeat and counteracts heart arrhythmias.


Rhodiola has been shown to increase anti-tumour activity by increasing the body’s resistance to toxins. A range of anti-oxidant compounds have been identified in Rhodiola rosea and related species and significant free-radical scavenging activity has been demonstrated for alcohol and water extracts of Rhodiola. Rhodiola rosea might be useful in conjunction with some pharmaceutical anti-tumour agents. According to the information from Russian researchers have found that the oral administration of Rhodiola inhibited tumour growths in rats by 39% and decreased metastasis by 50%. It improved urinary tissue and immunity in patients with bladder cancer. In other experiments with various types of cancer, including adenocarcinomas, the use of extracts of Rhodiola Rosea resulted in significant increased survival rate.

Immune System

Rhodiola both stimulates and protects the immune system by reinstating homeostasis (metabolic balance) in the body. It also increases the natural killer cells (NK) in the stomach and spleen. This action may be due to its ability to normalise hormones by modulating the release of glucocorticoid into the body.

Other Benefits

Many other benefits from the use of Rhodiola has been found including its ability to improve hearing, to regulate blood sugar levels for diabetics and protect the liver from environmental toxins. It has been shown to activate the lipolytic processes (fat breakdown) and mobilise lipids from a dipose tissue to the natural fat burning system of your body for weight reduction. It can also clinically enhance thyroid function without causing hyperthyroidism, enhance thymus gland function and protect or delay involution that occurs with ageing. It can also improve your adrenal gland reserves without causing hypertrophy. Throughout the years it has shown to substantially improve erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation in men and normalises their prostatic fluid.

Leuzea Carthamoides

Leuzea Carthamoides (also known as Maral Root) is a perennial medicinal plant of Siberian origin. Its roots, which have a novel type of pharmacological action classified as adaptogenic, are comm

only used for medicinal purposes in Russia. Leuzea has a marked anabolic effect, and aids the body in the synthesis of muscle protein. Its extract, when included in the diet, has a pronounced tonic effect, and has abilities to protect the bodily system from environmental stress. It may help the body to re-build damaged muscle tissue.


Replenishes strength and energy stores
Restores sexual potency in men
Increases mental awareness
Increases lean muscle mass
Helps decrease fatty tissue
The plant contains a number of antioxidant flavonoids along with natural sterols including a substance known as 20-Hydroxyecdysone which is thought to be responsible for the anabolic activity the plant displays. Scientific tests on the 20-Hydroxyecdysone show that the natural sterol has the ability to increase protein production on a cellular level especially’ when combined with intense physical activity. The plant is also laden with tannins, glycosides, lignins, alkaloids, various vitamins, and organic acids.

Benefits and Uses

Maral root very effectively helps with chronic alcoholism, impotency, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Maral root contributes to an increase of muscle mass,
reinforces contractions of the heart muscles,
improves blood circulation in muscles and brain,
increases resistance to oxygen starvation,
elevates the ability and mobility of spermatozoids in vitro,
prevents development of experimental hyper and hypoglycemia, leukocytosis, leucopoenia, erythrocytosis and erythropenit,
improves transmition of impulse interneuronal synapse depressed by the drug sodium barbital,
neutralizes the suppressive effect on the brain by sodium barbital,
restores the capacity to focus, concentrate and perform mental work in men while mentally fatigued,
increases the resistance to the common cold,
protects nuclear chromatin in chromosome component in liver cells against free radical oxidation induced by tetrachloromethane,
restores phospholipids og liver mitochondria pathologically changed by insulin insufficiency.
Leuzea root’s clinical studies from Russia

Leuzea’s root, known to the western world as Maral root was first studied by Soviet scientists during the Second World War. Russian scientists were looking at anything that might have the potential to provide their soldier more strength and endurance as they slogged their way into Berlin.

The ethanol extract of the dried root was found to contain tannins, phytoecdsones, flavonoids, glycosides, lignins, alkaloids, vitamins, organic acid along with some other compounds that could not be identified. They conducted numerous clinical trials (on people as well as laboratory animals) and concluded that an extract of Leuzea’s root displayed many properties capable of helping a person stay active and alert as well as the ability to restore energy and even increase muscle mass.

They found that Maral Root could:
  • Helps increase the rate in which the cells restore their energy (ATP)
  • Helps improve the contraction of the heart muscles and improve circulation to the muscle and brain
  • Helps build muscle mass
  • Helps counteract oxygen starvation
  • Helps with fertilization
  • Helps with focus, concentration allowing people to perform while mentally fatigued
  • Helps with resistance to the common cold

* Help increase the rate in which the cells restore their energy (ATP)
* Help build muscle mass
* Help improve the contraction of the heart muscles and improve circulation to the muscle and brain.
* Help counteract oxygen starvation
* Help with fertilization
* Help with focus, concentration allowing people to perform while mentally fatigued
* Help with resistance to the common cold.


The Soviets also found that the extract t helped people to counteract the brain numbing effects of sodium barbital. Further tests revealed that Leuzea extract helped people keep their concentration during stressful situations allowing people to stay focused and attentive when they performed jobs that were unusually stressful (i.e. Air traffic controller). The extract was also found to be beneficial as a sleep aid, preventing sleep disorders brought on by stress without the negative side effects of sleeping pills. It was also found to help with the intitial stages of impotence and diabetes.



One of the most interesting constituents that scientists found in Leuzea extract was a polyhydrodated sterol that belongs to the ecdysone group known as ecdysterone. This sterol is usually found in insects and crustaceans and is utilized to regulate protein synthesis. Early studies of the extract dismissed ecdysterone because of this, but later scientists discovered that this sterol possessed anabolic activity meaning that it helped increase muscle mass in much the same way that steroids do but without destroying the function of androgen. Ecdysterone also displayed the ability to activate the synthesis of certain enzymes (glutamate decarboxylase, acetylcholine esterase) in the brain as well as enzymes in the cells which are involved in the generation of energy. It was also found to help protect the liver cells from free radical oxidation and DNA and cellular membranes from H2O2.

Scientists believe that the ecdysterone has the ability to mimic the actions of the human steroid hormones, except for the fact that they have much less of a chance to get picked up by hormone receptors. This means if the human body has an ample supply of human steroid hormones, ecdysterone cannot compete with them. However, if there happen to be a deficiency in these hormones, which can occur during times of physical and mental stress, then ecdysterone can bind with the receptors and provide much needed energy and attention.

Tongkat Ali

Studies show that Tongkat Ali improves the health and wellness of sperm. Tongkat Ali uses results in an increase in overall sperm count, size of sperm, and motility (speed). Research has shown in healthy lab mice showed a doubling in litter size.

The effects of Tongkat Ali extract in increasing sperm concentration, motility and velocity of movement helps to increase the chances of sperms to penetrate the ovaries. The higher rate of fertilization results in increase in number of offspring.

Besides higher production of sperm, the sperm were also found to be more motile and more viable than the sperm from control mice. The motility of the sperm is a physiological process which relies upon the rate of energy production in the sperm.



Wellness and Aging

Testosterone is well known for it’s role in reproductive health. Testosterone also plays an essential role in cardiovascular health, cognitive function, insulin sensitivity, maintaining lean body mass and bone density. At around the age of 30 the production of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) increases and the testosterone levels decline. This can result in a condition known as low testosterone syndrome or andropause. Low testosterone syndrome is associated with reduced sexual function, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced insulin sensitivity, cognitive decline, mood changes and bone loss. Lean body mass may be replaced with fat, resulting in an age-related condition called Sarcopenia, characterized by obesity and diminished muscular strength. Tongkat Ali helps build testosterone levels and promote physical, mental and sexual health.

Anti-Fever Effects

In 1995 it was reported that the quassinoid from Tongkat Ali has an anti-fever effect. The quassiniod was two times more effective than aspirin.


Researchers in America and Japan reported that some plant chemicals found in the quassinoids and alkaliods found in Tongkat Ali have an effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in laboratory experiments, which included breast cancer cells, colon cancer cells and leukemia. Beta-carboline alkaloids isolated fromtongkat ali have demonstrated significant cytotoxicity against human lung cancer (A-549) and human breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines. In plain English, this means that some compounds in Tongkat ali can kill cancer cells. The practical significance of this finding in humans is not clear at this time.

Anti-Oxidant Properties

Studies conducted by the Forest Research Institute Maylasia (FRIM) and the Department of Science, University Kebangsaan Maylasia (UKM) discovered that Tongkat Ali contains SOD (Superoxide dismutase), an anti-oxidant enzyme. The study showed that Tongkat Ali inhibited the chain reaction of radicals harmful to the body system. Several studies conducted by researchers in Malaysia discovered that Tongkat Ali contains Superoxide dimutase, a kind of anti-oxidant enzyme that has the ability to inhibit the chain reaction of free radicals harmful to the body.


Tongkat Ali increases your body’s metabolic rate and enhances blood circulation. These factors contribute to the heat-generating characteristics (thermogenic) of Tongkat Ali (Longjack). It is true that tongkat ali increases energy levels, and here again the right dose is crucial since too high a dose will give insomnia, leading to fatigue the next day. However, if you take the right amount which wears off by evening, then you’ll be just fine and happy. it is thought that tongkat ali increases energy levels through its actions on ATP.

Anti-Anxiety Effects

Studies conducted on mice showed that Tongkat Ali has an anxiolytic effect. Mice that were given Tongkat Ali had a significant decrease in episodes of fighting. They were also able to complete more squares on a maze than they could before they consumed the Tongkat Ali. These results were found to be consistent with the anxiolytic effect produced by diazepam. Therefore, this study supports the medicinal use of Tongkat Ali (Longjack 100) for treatment of anxiety.

Anti-Malarial Effects

Studies on the biological effects of Tongkat Ali began in the 1980’s. Studies showed that the roots of Tongkat Ali contain a group of plant chemicals called quassinoid, alkaloid and peptide which has the property to kill malaria parasites. Scientists have found that, in addition to its sex-enhancing effects, compounds within tongkat ali have anti-malarial properties.Some of these anti-malaria compounds are known as quassinoids.

Butea Superba

The roots and stem of the plant are medicines for strength and power. In addition, the roots and stem of the plant are considered to help increase the male sexual performance. Thus, this plant has come to be known as one type of miracle herb. Since Butea Superba helps to enhance the human health, this was considered to be an influential factor in separating the chemical constituents of this herb. The bio-activity of each constituent was tested, especially the inhibitory effect towards cAMP phosphodiesterase, which has an effect in the controlling the body and controlling a wide number of diseases.

Butea Superba or Red Kwao Krua has demonstrated multiple health benefits in several studies concentrating on its benefits toward male health, it can also help in long term rejuvenation for the overall of the body unlike other chemical drugs that can only boost up one’s performance in short duration and leave serious side effect for long.

Butea Superba Extract contains high flavonoids and flavonoids glycosides that help antioxidant and anti-cholinesterase which mean that our products can increase levels of acetylcholine in the body, acetylcholine is also known to be involved with erectile function and memory, and furthermore, the products are especial for regulating blood flow for the body and the genital area to become strong and hard.

Benefits of Butea Superba

The following are some of the sexual problems that Butea Superba can cater to:


  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Weak Erection
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Impotence
  • Loss of Sexual Desire
  • Painful Penetration


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